100000 USD Super Lottery Trading Promotion from NordFX

100000 USD Super Lottery Trading Promotion from NordFX

NordFX has started a new and outstanding promotion where you can earn up to 100000 USD through individual prizes. There are mentioned 200 Prizes also included 2 Super Class Prizes which is 10000 USD. The promotion will be drawn on 4 separate days, each day with 4 categories included. To start trading and gain the promotion you need to maintain their Lottery Rules, which is mandatory.

Lottery Link: 100000 USD Super Lottery Promotion
Available for: All NordFX Traders
Timing Period: Unlimited timing

How to win the Lottery?
* Open a Pro Account and start Trading (If you have not, then make one)

Must read their Lottery Rules, Terms & Conditions*

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