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Forex IB Reward Program offered by StarTrader

Forex IB Reward Program offered by StarTrader

Do you aspire to become a recipient of the IB Reward? Then this is the ideal destination for you to visit.

The IB Recognition Initiative is a scheme that provides traders with the chance to be acknowledged by the IB organization and receive several referral rewards. Startrader is presenting the IB Recognition Initiative, which enables you to earn multiple credits ranging from 1500 to 20000 USD. Don't miss out on this opportunity; click on the link provided below and take advantage of it as soon as possible

Direct Promotion Link: IB Reward Program by Startrader

What renders the promotion unique for each trader?

Upon completing my investigation, I discovered that the IB Program is a scheme provided by brokers to their traders based on their deposit and referral activities. With the IB Reward Program, you can utilize the opportunity to trade and potentially earn up to 20000 USD. Furthermore, you will receive bonuses on new active referrals and your net deposit if you meet the standard lot requirements. The IB program has a duration of 3 months, so it is essential to adhere to the designated time and MT4 timezone. Additionally, you can gain recognition and profits that can be withdrawn or converted to cash. Don't miss out on this opportunity to become a distinguished trader.

Characteristics of the campaign:

  • IB Recognition up to 20000 USD
  • Rewards are able to be withdrawn
  • Withdrawals are transferable to the trader's bank account
  • Accessible to all traders
  • Limited-time duration

Steps to participate in the program:

  1. Establish an account with the broker
  2. Visit the section for the IB Reward program
  3. Refer new traders to the program
  4. Submit the desired deposit
  5. Secure the prizes and withdraw them

Terms & Policies:

The broker has introduced new and existing Terms & Policies for the IB Reward Program, which is a competition that traders must comprehend before joining the campaign.

In my view:

In my view, I can affirm that the IB Program is the optimal choice for establishing oneself as a top trader and having an outstanding chance to win a magnificent prize. Therefore, seize the opportunity now to enhance your prominence and opulence.

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