Free Magin Call Promotion of $5000 offered by NordFX

Free Magin Call Promotion of $5000 offered by NordFX

Free Margin Call promotion is a life saving promotion which will safe your critical situation of trading in free of cost. Also, can get a $5000 for trading.

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What is the Speciality of the NordFX Free Margin Call Bonus

Introducing the Margin Call Bonus, a shield for your trading endeavors during critical moments. When your account balance teeters on the brink of a Margin Call, indicating dangerously low funds, this bonus steps in to offer additional support. Designed to help you maintain your trades and navigate through Margin Call scenarios, this bonus is a valuable asset in your trading toolkit. To unlock this bonus, simply open a Pro Account, apply for participation, and boost your bonus through your trading activities. Once faced with a Margin Call, you can swiftly request the bonus to be credited to your account. The bonus amount is determined based on your trading performance from the time of application approval until the submission of your bonus request. It's crucial to apply within 24 business hours of receiving a Margin Call and before the trading day concludes according to NordFX server time. Ranging from 2 to 100 lots with a per-lot value between 5 to 100 USD, the bonus is calculated based on completed transaction volumes on specific accounts, excluding outstanding orders. While the bonus is intended solely for maintaining open positions and cannot be withdrawn, profits earned using both personal and bonus funds are fully withdrawable without restrictions. With a maximum bonus amount per account set at $5,000, the bonus ceases once all Stop Out-related trades are resolved. NordFX reserves the right to refuse or retract the bonus in case of suspected misuse. The Margin Call Bonus program commenced on February 20, 2024, and NordFX retains the authority to amend or terminate it without prior notice. Participation in the Margin Call Bonus program signifies agreement to its terms and conditions.

How to participate on the bonus and save your money

Create a Pro Account
Sign up for the Margin Call Bonus
Boost your bonus by trading
Ask for bonus when Margin Call happens

Free Margin promotion Terms and Conditions

Bonus computed from application endorsement until bonus request submission
Apply via Finance Department, activate within Trader’s Cabinet
Submit accrual plea within 24-hour Margin Call window
Bonus contingent on completed transactions' lot volume
Sole bonus granted per account
No bonus if Stop Out coincides with Margin Call to bonus accrual timeframe
Bonus designated for upholding open trades, non-withdrawable
Computed based on Forex pairs, gold, silver, and oil transactions
Trades necessitate 5-minute duration with 10-point fluctuation for calculation
Maximum bonus restricted to $5,000 per account
Bonus rendered obsolete post-Stop Out trades closure
Withdrawal prioritizes bonus deduction, followed by unrestricted funds
Prohibition on multiple bonuses per account
Company retains prerogative to deny, suspend, or retract bonus
Program effective starting February 20, 2024
Company reserves right to amend or cease program without prior notification
Client acknowledges terms upon program participation

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