GeTrade 8 USD Forex Account Opening Reward for all Newcomers

GeTrade 8 USD Forex Account Opening Reward for all Newcomers

Start your Forex Trading Journey with the latest Account Opening Bonus and get 8 USD free which is withdrawable. Also, can make profits and withdraw them.

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What is the Specifications of the GeTrade Account Opening Rewards

Getrade broker extends an Account Opening Trading Reward, granting new clients an 8 USD bonus, which is fully withdrawable upon completion of four steps. To qualify, clients must deposit a specific amount for trading purposes, enabling them to delve into trading markets and enrich their understanding of Forex. This campaign allows for amalgamation with other promotions and necessitates fulfilling tasks to automatically receive bonuses usable for trading endeavors. Restricted to GOLDpro&SILVERpro Pro accounts (with a minimum lot size of 0.01), withdrawal hinges on the actual account balance, especially if it dips below $8 after trading 1 lot. Validity is reserved for closed positions within the campaign timeframe, and premature withdrawal incurs bonus deductions and terminates the campaign. Non-compliance with volume requirements by the campaign's culmination results in bonus deductions, necessitating clients to maintain adequate margins despite inherent trading risks.

How to Open an account and get the bonus

Sign up for a free account
Get 1 USD upon registration
Verify your account for an additional 1 USD
Deposit funds to receive 3 USD
Trade 1 lot to earn another 3 USD

Welcome Bonus Reward Terms and Conditions

Campaign combinable with other promotions
Completion of tasks adds bonuses to MT4 accounts
Applicable to GOLDpro&SILVERpro Pro only
Withdrawal contingent on actual balance post 1 lot trading
Only closed positions during campaign period valid
Early withdrawal results in bonus deduction and campaign termination
Unmet volume requirements lead to bonus deduction; clients assume trading risks and ensure adequate margin
Negative balance before volume requirements end campaign, resetting balance to 0 without open positions
Existing clients reopening accounts ineligible; multiple registrations from same IP may disqualify clients
Company reserves right to suspend trading, reverse bonus for campaign breaches
Company holds discretion to alter, suspend, or terminate campaign without prior notice

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