Claim a New $30 Welcome Forex Bonus by FIBOGROUP

Claim a New $30 Welcome Forex Bonus by FIBOGROUP

Start your forex trading journey with FIBOGROUP and claim your $30 welcome bonus today. With our reliable platform, competitive spreads, and exceptional customer support, you'll have all the tools you need to succeed in the forex market. Don't miss out on this limited-time offer - sign up now!

Direct Promotional Link: 30 USD Welcome Bonus

What are the details of the Welcome Bonus?

Experience trading at its best with FIBOGROUP's Welcome Bonus! Kickstarting at 30 USD, this special incentive targets eligible clients who satisfy set criteria. Compatible with MT4 NDD and MT4 Fixed accounts, it amplifies your trading potential. Qualify by confirming your email, and mobile number, and completing essential personal details. Once eligible, use the Promo Code in your Client Area, activate your account, deposit at least 10 USD, and seize your bonus. Trade dynamically using personal and extra funds, and relish profit withdrawals post-trade fulfillment. Note, that FIBOGROUP retains the right to adjust or cancel the bonus based on circumstances. Elevate your trading today!

Vital Takeaways:

* Unveiling the Welcome Bonus: A generous 30 USD introductory fund extended to eligible FIBOGROUP clients fulfilling specific conditions.

* Currency Adaptability: Access the Welcome Bonus in a currency distinct from your primary account currency. Our internal conversion rate facilitates a seamless transition.

* Qualifying Accounts: The Welcome Bonus is tailored for select MetaTrader 4 accounts, including MT4 NDD and MT4 Fixed.

* Exclusive Stipulation: Former beneficiaries of Welcome Bonus promotions are not considered eligible.

Qualification Process:

* Authenticate your email address.
* Verify your mobile phone number.
* Fulfill the two-stage personal information verification (passport details and address validation).

Enrolling in the Welcome Bonus:

1. Begin by opening a qualifying trading account.
2. During account setup, select "Bonus Programs."
3. Opt for the "Welcome Bonus 30 USD" choice.
4. Enter the provided Promo Code.

Terms & Conditions:

* Welcome Bonus: Exclusive 30 USD fund tailored for eligible FIBOGROUP clients.
* Currency Flexibility: Convertible to your main account currency.
* Eligible Accounts: Applicable to MT4 NDD and MT4 Fixed accounts only.
* Former Participants: Inaccessible for those who previously received a Welcome Bonus.
* One-Time Eligibility: Each client can enjoy this benefit once.
* Activation Process: Use a designated code within your Client Area.
* Promo Code: Sent via email or provided by a sales manager.
* Instant Bonus Transfer: Triggered immediately upon entering the Promo Code.
* Activation Deposit: A minimum 10 USD deposit is required to activate the bonus.
* Trading Freedom: Personal and extra funds can be used without restrictions.
* Drawdown Usage: Extra funds are available during drawdown periods until Stop Out.
* Fund Debit Order: In drawdowns, the client's funds are debited before extra funds.
* Profit Withdrawal: Feasible after completing 16 trades with specific criteria.
* CFD Cryptocurrency Exclusion: Cryptocurrency CFD trades are not factored into withdrawal calculations.
* Stop Out Outcome: Extra funds are debited post Stop Out.
* Declining the Bonus: Option to reject the provided Welcome Bonus.
* FIBOGROUP's Discretion: Retains the authority to decline, remove, or cancel the bonus.
* Client Acceptance: Acceptance is implied upon the deposit of the "Welcome Bonus 30 USD."

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