Leo Prime Demo Arena Contest for July 2021

There is a new opportunity for demo traders to earn real prizes and trading capital with Leo Prime broker. The broker just announced the Demo Arena contest for July 2021. The contest will be held on 26th to 30th July 2021. The first winner will get $500 to withdraw.

Web Link: Leo Prime Demo Arena Contest July 2021

Contest schedule:

Registration Period: Before 25th July 2021

Competition Start Date & Time: 26th July - 30th July 2021.

Eligible For: All-New clients.

Promotion offer: LeoPrime demo trading competition.

Withdrawal System: 1st 3 winners can withdraw directly, others need to complete a few trades.

How to join

Register for a demo account.

And participate in the contest.

The top 10 winners from the HotForex demo contest will win the following prizes

  1. 1st prize $500 USD
  2. 2nd prize $300 USD
  3. 3rd prize $250 USD.
  4. 4th Place prize $250 USD
  5. 5th place prize $250 USD.
  6. The 6th to 10th place winners will get each $100 for live trading.

Terms and conditions of the demo arena contest:

  1. Each participant will start the contest with $5000 demo capital.
  2. All demo account can participate.
  3. The contest is held with the Demo ECN account.
  4. Maximum leverage is 1:200.
  5. 1st to 3rd place winner will able to withdraw the prize.
  6. The 4th to 10th place winner can withdraw prizes after completing a few trades.
  7. General terms and conditions apply.
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