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Money Matters – Guess What They’re ALL Probably Doing It

Published on 22 November 2021

I’ll get on to what they’re all doing in a moment. Money Matters! Of course, it matters! Most of us wish we had more, and it grew faster with minimal effort. Many of us already have money stashed away in the “normal” investment vehicles (you know, the ones your Grandparents told you about when you were young). The world has changed now, with the economic climate as it is – it’s not worth sticking your cash away in the bank and waiting for it to grow by a minuscule percentage over a year (probably less if you take into account inflation).


So, what else could you invest your money into? Let’s examine some of the available ones below:

1.Cash in Savings with a Bank

A very safe investment with minimal effort - will earn some interest as long as inflation is in check!

  1. Bonds – again pretty safe with minimal returns and little effort

3. Stocks & Shares – These can be invested in two ways:

Buy & Hold – While it is true that had you held on to practically any share investment in the 1980s & 1990s, you would have achieved phenomenal returns. But guess what happened in the first part of this decade? - Stock markets crumbled – they lost more than half their value (as measured by the major Indices). It’s the old cliché – if you were one of the early investors, you would still be “up” (although unhappy that 50% of your retirement fund had been wiped out!).

Trading – If used correctly, this can provide consistent returns – buy when it is going up and then sell them when it starts going down – so you make your money work harder for you – more effort is required!

4. Property

Amazing returns have been achieved with the low-interest rate environments of the early part of the decade; they have led to property prices more than doubling in some countries! Very minimal effort is required – but you need the capital to start – and unless you have a portfolio of properties that earns you rental income - the only way you make money is if you sell the house!

5. Foreign Exchange

Making money from currencies was unheard of for individuals until recently – the advent of broadband internet, electronic trading online, etc. Firms are now providing individuals the opportunity to profit from movements in currency prices! They’re all doing it – all the major banks make their money from the forex, the largest and most liquid market in the world! It is also a 24 hour Worldwide Market and best of all, you can back it to go up or down. There are various methods to profit from the forex:

Scalping – jumping in and out of the market, taking lots of small profits along the way. It’s not expensive to do (unlike shares) because most firms charge NO commission.

Day/Swing Trading – where you take advantage of market swings in price (like a pendulum). This can be done on a day-to-day basis.

Investing – buying and selling based on trends that could last months!

Trading currencies may not be right for you. If it is - how you choose to trade currencies is up to you, but it is an absolute necessity for you to get some education on the subject and some live practice on some of the demo accounts available on the market – then with as little as $300 (£ or Euros), you could start trading for real. If you live in the UK, you can trade the Forex tax-free (tax laws can change).

In summary

Forex is “the way forward” for individuals from all walks of life that want to succeed in making themselves filthy rich (it will take time – no guarantee is given – but with a good system and discipline, you could make more money than if it sat in your bank or your share account) – even better you could participate around your other commitments.

Oh, one more thing – Someone you know is probably already making money from the forex.