What Is Forex Scalping Strategy (Beginners Guide)

Published on 30 May 2021
What Is Forex Scalping Strategy (Beginners Guide)

Scalping is the term used to refer to portable proof of prowess in battle. In forex, scalping is often done by only the finest of traders. It is a forex trading strategy that aims to take advantage of small price gaps created by the bid-ask spread. The time duration between each successive entry and exit in the forex market ranges between 1 and 5 minutes. These transactions are often conducted by investing in large amounts so that even the smallest of currency fluctuation can lead to substantial profits. This trade is conducted on the belief that small price moves are more accessible to detect than larger ones. An average scalper might place around a dozen or even a hundred trades in a single day.

How to Conduct Forex Scalping

Before conducting scalping in the forex market, you need to mark out how much you are willing to risk and how much profit you expect to make. Some expert scalpers place a target on doubling their savings each month. As a beginner, you are advised to place maximum risk at 10 pips and the profit at 20 pips.

Now comes the analysis part. This is done by trading only in the predictable forex currency pairs. The trader is also required to make a note of each day’s opening, closing, highs and lows of these currency pairs. Various internet-based oscillators can also be used for detecting favorable conditions for making the trades.

Risks Involved with Forex Scalping

Many consider scalping to be 100% safe, since the trader is in the market for only a few minutes. But this is not so due to two reasons.

Firstly, the spread required to open the trade puts the trader in a very risky situation. For example, if your broker charges you 3 pips spread for opening a EUR/USD account and you wish to achieve a target of 10 pips and 10 pips stop loss; then to make a profit, the market will have to move to 13 pips (3 pips of spread + 10 pips of profit), whereas the loss requires a move of 7 (10 pips of stop loss – 3 pips of spread).

Secondly, a single large loss will be enough to wipe out all the small profits made completely.

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