What are harmonic price patterns in forex trading?
1 November 2021
Most popular price action patterns, including Double top/bottom, Head and shoulders, Triangle are related to harmonic patterns.
What is the VWAP indicator in MT4/5, and how to use it?
30 October 2021
The VWAP Indicator is one of the most popular and powerful indicators that traders use to determine when to enter and exit a trade.
Can A Normal Bank Account Help You with Forex Trading?
20 October 2021
With the aid of your bank account, you are able to get Forex trading services easily. There are many banks that provide these special services to savings accounts
Forex charts Algorithms of Japanese candlesticks
16 October 2021
If the calculation has shown that the candle should be white, and in practice, it has closed by a black top, the algorithm of price movement still remained white.
Metatrader forex software with DDE Technology
14 October 2021
Metatrader has terminals that have different responsibilities and assignments. Among them are the client terminal, server, administrator, and others
What is a Relative strength index (RSI) based trading strategy?
10 October 2021
There various trading strategies are following by multiple experience traders, Relative strength index based also one of them
What Is Forex Trading for Beginners?
4 October 2021
The first fact should be obvious, but most traders make the mistake of thinking they can make money with no effort
Top 5 Advantages of Forex Trading
1 October 2021
Compared to other markets, the foreign exchange market has a number of advantages, which is exactly what we are going to discuss in this post.
3 Benefits of Forex Trading That Make It Suitable for Debt Reduction
30 September 2021
The forex market is the largest financial market in the world. This provides you with infinite liquidity when it comes to trading and also adequate flexibility

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